Get into the brain of a hacker!

MDC got the idea to invite our members to “get into the enemy’s brain” and understand the hacking process. We invited a white hacker to run the workshop and present the current threat assessment of cyber-attacks and invited the participants to take the hackers place. From all the great takes from the day, we would like to share a few of them with you so you will be well-equipped against hackers!

Did you know that a hacker is most active after a new software update?
Do you always update your software as soon an update comes out? No? It’s very normal, and that’s when the hackers get really active! When a new software update is released, documents called “Release notes” are distributed, which tells the customer what weaknesses and bugs that have been improved. This is an open invitation for hackers to use this opportunity, to hack the customer who hasn’t updated their improved and fixed software yet…

Does your IT budget fit the current threat of cyber-attacks?
90% of a company’s security budget is spent on protection of their firewall, but only 24% of cyber-attacks happen to their firewall…

In less than 4 minutes YOU have given the hacker access to your computer
Phishing mails are here to stay, as the hit rate is very high. 30% of phishing messages were opened by the target, with a median time of the first click on a malicious attachment being within the first three minutes and 45 seconds. By using phishing mails the hacker can attempt to obtain information such as passwords, credit cards details and usernames, by redirecting the target to a fake website.

The workshop was held at Ørsted on Avedøreværket in Copenhagen. Before the workshop, the participants got a private tour inside the impressing implant.