The Blue Denmark Speaking


Name: Søren Lindved
Title: Owner, Manager, Director and accountant
Company: Lindved Marine

For how long have they been working in the company? For 6 years

For how long have they been working in the maritime industry? For 30-35 years

Tell us about your area of responsibility – your daily job?
Well, for me to have something to do, I need customers and they will always be my main priority. But then, of course, it is also to deliver the best service possible. I will say I have two main aspects of my services: insurance companies with surveying of ships, damages and etc. and consulting, which includes delivering safety management services and security management (what we call ISM, ISPS and MLC).

What is the best thing about working in the Blue Denmark/the maritime industry?
I like the international aspect. I have the opportunity to meet people with different backgrounds and points of view. In regard to myself and my company it's very simple: “You move goods from A to B, it has to be safe - that's what it is all about.

What are your passions?
The work is one of my passions. Of course, I'm passionate about my wife but also my house and my mountain bike. I love the forest and gardening - it's a simple life and that's how I like it.

If you weren't living in Denmark, where would you be and why?
A Latin country. I don't reason in swapping Denmark for England, Sweden or a similar country as they are pretty much the same. It may seem strange to you, but I like the Latin mentality and I think I would fit in.

What could you give a 40-minutes presentation about with absolutely no preparation?
I would immediately stick to something from my work as that's my area of expertise. It could also be a political topic or maybe Rock and Blues music too.