Maritime millennials - lots of demands but do these match the industry?

When the MARCOMP 2018 conference took place earlier this year, the subject of the future seafaring was up for discussion - a subject that keeps spinning. 

And who's better to talk about the future than the future itself? Of course, we are talking about the young people who right now are studying and preparing themselves to be part the future of The Blue Denmark. These millennials have demands and expectations to how they believe the future seafaring should look like - and so does the industry - but do they match?

The Danish Newspaper 'Søfart' was present at the conference and had a talk with students from two Danish maritime institutions during which the students spoke of their demands for their future workplace in the maritime industry.

These demands were then presented to the Executive Director of Danish Shipping, Anne W. Trolle who commented on whether the industry can match the expectations that these young people have. Read the conclusion HERE