The Blue Denmark speaking, Thomas Marvig Rasmussen

Name: Thomas Marvig Rasmussen
Age: 43
Title: General Manager, Sales and purchase and logistics
Company: Navadan
For how long have you been working in the company? For 9 years
For how long have you been working in the maritime industry? For 24 years

Tell us about your area of responsibility – your daily job?
Here in Navadan we all step up where it’s needed and the responsibilities lies with all of us. When we in our daily life get an inquiry from one of our customers, that task will be our main priority. We handle everything involving the order and follow-up with prices and availability. Our services are provided all over the world and when our customers place an order, wherever in the world it might be, we coordinate the logistics with our local associates and insure that all paperwork is in place  and follow the order until it’s delivered.

What is the best thing about working in the Blue Denmark/the maritime industry?
The best thing about this business is the variety of tasks and we are blessed by having the whole world as our playground. We have clients both in Denmark and all over the world in international shipping companies. I really like the international aspect of my job, and especially the buying and selling. In our company we have a high level of professionalism and skills within tank- and hold cleaning which is our main focus area. Our clients trust us and they know we are the experts. And of course we have a huge international network of people – a network which we continue to nurse and develop.

What are your passions?
I truly have ‘green fingers’ and enjoy my time in my garden. And when my garden doesn’t have my attention I enjoy working on my house. And then of course my work life here at Navadan - we really make things happen.

If you were not to live in Denmark, where would you live and why?
That’s a hard question, and honestly it’s tough for me to choose another country. When thinking back of my time sailing I must admit that I really enjoyed when the destination was South America but also the Mediterranean or Turkish area. The countries I have visited the most are Spain, Italy and Turkey and I have truly enjoyed my time there. So, I guess my answer, if I was not to live in Denmark, is that it would be Italy or Spain.

What could you give a 40-minute presentation about with absolutely no preparation?
I could give advice on tank- and hold cleaning, a great speech on gardening, maintenance works on the house and fishing. Otherwise I would turn to sports – especially badminton and handball.

 How was your career path?
After finishing high school back in 1994, I got a contract with Maersk as deck cadet and thus I went sailing. As I found my passion for the sea I went to navigation school (Nautical Training Institute) and got my exam. After that, I was in the navy for nine months, and then back to Maersk to sail as first a third officer, then second officer, then chief officer till I got my captain papers.

In 2005 I stopped my sailing career and started as a commercial tank operator at Norient Product Pool and worked there for two years. Then, I went to Weco Shipping which is a part of Dannebrog Group (now the company is known as Stena Bulk) for a year and a half. Within those two companies I found my passion for cleaning operations. At that time Navadan’s former CEO resigned and Peter Krogh, the current CEO took over. I became part of the change which really worked out very well for me! I started working at Navadan in December 2008 and now, nine years later, I’m still here.