Summer Business Networking anno 2018!

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Sunny, inspiring and good mood are just some of the words to descibe MDC's yet another great Summer Business Networking event, which took place yesterday at Copenhagen's hottest rooftop terrace of Gorrissen and Federspiel.

No less than 100 people showed up, with the aim of having a nice afteroon, expanding their maritime network or just to catch up with some familiar faces.

In between networking the bell gave away for 2 speakers who delivered short powertalks on leadership and WIIFY.  

Søren Rygaard, Global Leadership Coach, NORDEN talked about the key cornerstone of effective leadership and how to apply a culture with a high level of trust, as he said ' Low trust will be costly'. As a leader there's one thing which must always be remembered: 'Any leader must be a Trust-maker not a Trust-breaker!'

Chris Rycroft, Senior Partner, Percepti Global AS said:
'We all have an opportunity to think a bit more about the communication experience we want to create, each time. If you want to improve your ability to influence and inspire, being more conscious of the communication experience you want to create, will help you significantly. Being more audience focused in your communication, will help you influence more people. 

The acronym WIIFY= WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU helps you be more audience focused. If you want people to be influenced you need to present your ideas through their perspective. By using WIIFY each time in your communication, your audience will be more motivated to do what you want them to do. 

Finally, how you use your body to present is equally important to inspire audiences. Using a power gesture can reinforce your impact and show your passion and paint a good picture in your audiences  mind.'

If you simply can't wait for our next Business Networking event, you can already sign up for our Winter Edition at Skuld on March 14th 2019! Read more and sign up here