Not doing anything alone is what MDC is all about

Yesterday MDC celebrated our 20 year anniversary. If you weren’t there to hear the speech from CEO Mikkel Hansen, you can find it right here

I’ve had the pleasure of being in command of the mothership M/S “MDC” for the past 3 ½ years. We have been through some rough weather at times, facing a few storms, tidal waves and lots of headwind. But we have managed. And now we’ve had the lady through the 4th special survey and she ended up in a better shape than ever, with certificates of gold and plenty of customers and cargo for her future trade.

But the commander cannot not do it all alone – even though he often thinks he have to do it all by himself. There has to be a lot of folks manning the oars, putting in all their strength and energy making it possible for her to perform to our customers – and members satisfaction:

Ida, Liv, Jan, Leif, Per, Zeinab, Camilla, Josephine, Henriette, Charlotte, Kirsten, Thomas – and Lone who normally resides in her office at the port of Rønne, Bornholm.

Speaking of not doing it all alone. This is what MDC is all about.

Imagine that you are the CEO of a company. In an industry which is expected to be short of thousands of skilled workers in the future? Can you solve the problem alone in your company?

Imagine that you are working in an industry that does not seem to be attractive for women. And the industry is thereby lacking diversity and missing out of a lot of talent. What can you do?

Imagine that you represent a company with a green profile that operates ships in an area with tightened environmental regulation. You want to switch to cleaner fuels, but the infrastructure and support functions are not ready to handle your green choice. What do you do?

Imagine that you are working in a technology company seeing clear opportunities to lift an old traditional industry to a new level, but it’s difficult to get started and find the right connections. What should you do?

Imagine you have just moved to Denmark from abroad to work in an international industry, but you quickly found out that everybody knows each other from their previous company and that all the talk is in Danish. What can I do?

Imagine that you struggle to keep up with new development and research in your line of business. And you would like to get in contact with key person in research institutions and to discuss developments with your peers from other companies in the. Where should you and your company go?

We’ll I am sure that you have all imagined the answers?

Talking of MDC, people have often asked me: what do you actually do and who is MDC actually? Who better to answer this than “The Who” with their song “Join together” – if you think about it, is quite spot-on: 

You don't have to play
You can follow or lead the way
Oh won't you join together with the band
We don't know where we're going
But the season's right for knowing
Oh won't you join together with the band

It's the singer not the song
That makes the music move along
Oh won't you join together with the band
This is the biggest band you'll find
It's as deep as it is wide
Come on and join together with the band

So, I am happy to see you all here and that you have joined the band!

Happy birthday and let’s join the band!

Not a member of MDC? Join us now and we look forward to seeing you at one of our many events or meetings!