Korean and Danish academic students collaborate on sustainable development challenges

Now is the time for the Maritime Innovation Sprint 2019

Innovation, sustainable development and concrete solutions are key words for the Maritime Innovation Sprint 2019 which will take place from October 23rd to 25th in Busan, South Korea. Maritime experts from Denmark and South Korea will present the latest knowledge within the field – and students from both countries will work with innovative solutions over 3 intensive days.

30 students will group up and work on various challenges, designed by Danish maritime companies and at the end of the Sprint the winning team will be announced – we at MDC are excited to follow up on the competition and congratulate the winner.

Besides the participation of the talented students from Korea Maritime and Ocean University and Danish Universities, the Maritime Innovation Sprint will be facilitated by representatives from Innovation Centre Denmark Seoul (ICDK), Maritime Development Centre (MDC), Korea Maritime Institute/NeLT and Korea Maritime and Ocean University (KMOU).

What is the Maritime Innovation Sprint about?

The Maritime Innovation Sprint is an innovation camp where students and maritime representatives from both South Korea and Denmark are developing maritime services, innovation and establishing cooperation and potential future partnerships with companies and research institutions.

The scene of the Maritime Innovation Sprint is set in Busan, South Korea, which is a major maritime hub with proud maritime roots – this is where the maritime industry of the future is centered.

Through this innovation camp we wish to contribute to a further strengthening of the bond between Danish and Korean companies, as well as supporting Danish and Korean students’ business involvement and competencies which are strengthened in a cultural and international context, such as the Maritime Innovation Sprint.

Soon the Sprint is running fast forward and the three challenges will be presented by the companies. We are excited to follow the competition and learn from new innovative ideas, thoughts and collaborations. Keep an eye out for more news here and on LinkedIn.


The project is funded by Aktieselskabet Dampskibsselskabet Orient's Fond