The winning teams - the Maritime Innovation Sprint 2019

Congratulate the winning teams of the Maritime Innovation Sprint 2019!

After a tight race in all three categories, the winning teams are Team 1, Team 2 and Team 4.

The challenge from decarbonICE was solved by the invention of an innovative simple and low-cost piston construction, that press and forms the ice into aerodynamic spears.

The team winning the ESVAGT challenge took the case to a level of service design, as the solution was formed as a business case that introduced a concept of an offshore re-charter station.

The DESMI challenge was solved by designing an electronic device onboard, a kind of black box, sending digital information to DESMI to prepare the company for optimized costumer service.

Korea Maritime and Ocean University Campus has been the beautiful venue for the Sprint, where new friendships were formed and hopefully new innovation methods learned. Thanks to ESVAGT, DESMI and decarbonICE/MDC for presenting the challenges – and for the visit from the Danish ambassador Einar Jensen.

Most of all thank you to all the Danish and Korean students for their great fighting spirit and innovative thoughts!

Photo courtesy of Martin Kramer Hansen

The project is funded by “Dampskibsselskabet NORDEN A/S - D/S Orient’s Fond”