Winter Business Networking 2019 - what a success!

Yet another fantastic Winter Business Networking took place yesterday.

This time the event was hosted by Skuld and our colleague Henriette Dybkær welcomed our guests and gave the stage away for Leif Carlsen who gave us some useful tools on how to increase the quality of content on LinkedIn and strengthen the networking mentality.

3 takeaways from the social selling speech:

  1. Visibility: You need to be visible on LinkedIn in order to influence how your are perceived within your network. Post your own (relevant) content 1-2 times a week 

  2. Likeability: You need to post content that are likeable meaning inspire other people, share your knowledge, expertise and be helpful via comments 

  3. Trust: Built trust and establish a strong personal brand by having a strong and professionel (non-selling) presense on LinkedIn 

3 takeaways from the LinkedIn speech:

  1.  Have a professional profile: It only takes 2,5 seconds to judge if your LinkedIn profile is professional or not. Have a professionel profile photo in colour of you with focus on your smiling face (don't use full figurE photos). Make sure that all relevant fields in the profile is updated.

  2.  Think quality in regards to your LinkedIn network. Don't just connect with anyone. Exercise vetting of your invitations and ask if you are in doubt. If you don't get any answer in one week click on ignore. Instead connect with relevant people within your industry.

  3. Think quality when you post on LinkedIn. Always check if your post can pass the "And so what" test and if you are trying to sell. If so you need to rewrite the post. Insted inspire, share information and create debate

Check out the LinkedIn profilguide here - Completely free, you don’t even has to register!

If you weren't there or just wanna relive the event, take a look at our video and pictures below.

Summer Business Networking 2019

Mark you’re calendars for June 6th 2019 where we look forward to inviting you for your Business Networking event - summer edition - at Njord Law Firm. You can already sign up for the event HERE