Get the answers on how to start working with the Sustainable Development Goals

Does the Sustainable Development Goals sound familiar to you? Maybe yes, maybe no, but for many, especially the SME’s, working with the goals is particularly difficult.

But the transition towards a more comprehensive and prosperous world by 2030 requires all of us to take an active part in working with SDGs.

So how do you start working with the SDG’s?
Integrating the SDG’s in your company may seem like an unmanageable task. So, in order to help you, we have lined up the conclusions of the popular MDC event The Sustainable Development Goals and the Maritime Industry

Mille Munksgaard, Consultant at DI presented a useful tool with 5 steps for organisations to kick-start or strengthen their work with the SDGs:

  1. Understand the SDGs

  2. Match the SDGs to your organisation

  3. Set up your goal for your work with the SDGs

  4. Plan in order to realise your goals

  5. Communicate your efforts

For more information about the tool click here

Julie Bang and Mille Munksgaard started out with an inspiring introduction to some of their main findings from their Master Thesis at CBS: Attainability of the Sustainable Development Goals through an Innovative Organisational Culture – A Perspective of Danish Small- and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs).

3 takeaways:

  • Danish SMEs play a crucial role in achieving the SDGs by 2030, but for many of the SMEs the SDGs seems very unmanageable and complex, due to a lack in knowledge and tools about working with the SGDs. Some SMEs are therefore challenged in kick-starting their work with the SDGs and others are challenged in their work with the SDGs.

  • Working with the SDGs demands a strong leadership in order to implement and work actively with the SDGs.

  • Many of the Danish SMEs that are working with the SDGs are experiencing new opportunities and competitive advantages such as growth potential, risk and cost reduction, optimisation of internal processes, market differentiation, improved profiling, improved reporting and communication about CSR efforts and attraction and retention of employees.

You might also find inspiration on how SKULD has started their work with the SDG’s - read more here

This event was hosted by Rainmaking at Pier47. Rasmus Elsborg-Jensen welcomed the guests and gave the stage away for the speakers: Julie Bang, SKULD, Mille Munksgaard, DI, Morten Brandborg, Wärtsiliä and Kristian Maimann, Lyngby Boldklub who gave us some useful insights about the work with the SDGs. 

See pictures and a video from the event here