Summer Business Networking 2019 - see all the pictures!

At MDC’s Summer Business Networking 2019 event more than 100 people were gathered at NJORD Law Firm amazing rooftop terrace.

The bell gave away for his years' pop-up speaker Merethe Klint who made us understand how focusing on co-creation will improve your team performance. She gave us the example: ‘Imagine your organization is a band, and one of its members is playing out of tune? Not really working, right?’.

Collaboration and Co-creation is your key to succes. You can have the greatest employees - if they do not collaborate and co-create- you don’t get the results your organisation or team has the potential to deliver.

To make sure you have the best collaboration in your team or organisation you have to remember these 3 things:

  1. Always see your job as part of a bigger picture. You and your colleagues affects each other, and if you make a mistake or if you are delayed it will not only reflect on your own job, but also your colleagues possibilities to solve their job properly. Your customers are not able to see whether you or your colleague made a mistake - they can just see that they don’t get the delivery or service they expected. Just like the audience to a concert can’t hear whether the bass player og guitar player played out of tune - they can just hear, that the music were wrong.

  2. Take one task a day and consider which of your colleagues tasks you are dependent on to solve your task, and which of your colleagues tasks are dependent on your task. Then you know what kind of information you need to be able to solve your task, and you know more precisely what your colleagues need form you to be able to solve their task. This is just like the musicians knowing where they have to play solo and where they have to be backing to the lead singer. When you know your specific role in a situation, it is much easier to solve it properly.

  3. LISTEN. You have to listen to what is going on around you. What does your customers says - directly and indirectly, what do they need? What does your colleagues say and need? How can you adjust in the situations, to make sure you solve your tasks as smooth as possible - both for your own sake, for the customers sake and for the organisations overall delivers sake. 

Take a look at the pictures below!