Booming Business of China

At MDC we love having students represented at our events - this article is written by Asya Öztunc, BA in Economics, who is studying her Master.

Booming Business of China - a student’s point of view of the MDC event

I am currently a student of Copenhagen University, so it was the very first time I became acquainted with an event by Maritime Development Center, MDC. The event had plenty of skilled people from the maritime industry and I learned a lot from the interesting and relevant topics, which were discussed throughout the event.

MDC succeeded to organize an exciting event about the booming business of China. For me it was an opportunity to debate the overall question: “Is the increasing dominance of Asia a threat or an opportunity?”

After a great and warm welcome by Henriette Dybkær and Niels Vallø the floor was given to Daria Krivonos and Carsten Beck, respectively CEO and Director of Research, Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies. They were the first speakers to present their opinion of the overall question.

“New Horizons in Trade and Geopolitics”- was the topic of their presentation and they featured “Polarisation”, “Shifts in global balances”, “Women’s voting rights” and many other interesting and relevant subjects. With these insightful subjects they allowed us to get an in-depth understanding of the changing conditions like liberal democracy, technological dominance, western-led globalisation and climate change. As a result of their presentation I became way more knowledgeable regarding the booming business of China.  

Nis Høyrup Christensen, Dept. of International Economics, Government and Business, CBS followed. He gave an enriching view of China’s massive contribution to the world growth and underlined China’s industrial policy-making. “Chinese export might be subsidized” was one of many highlights regarding the topic.

After both presentations Henriette Dybkær, in collaboration with CBS, had arranged a coffee break. During the break it was a pleasant surprise that I had the opportunity to network with experienced people from the industry, but also other students from different universities. Everybody was willing to share experiences and listen to one another, and I can only recommend other students to participate in MDC events in the future.

 The event ended after a vivid panel debate. Niels Vallø had prepared a few questions regarding the topic in which he presented five representatives from different industries. Represented in the debate were Danish Industry, Scan Global Logistics A/S, Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, Copenhagen Business School and University of Copenhagen.

 “Is the Hong Kong Case important for Danish companies?” was the initial question. It was an insightful debate where the five panellists had different opinions and perspectives, especially the constellation of an open debate where the curious part of the audience had the opportunity to challenge the perspectives of the panellists.

It was a great event where I gained a lot of knowledge and met very interesting people across industries and universities. I can only say that this is definitely not my last MDC event.