Behind the scenes of Holland America Nieuw Statendam!

MDC once again managed to organize a unique opportunity for 20 MDC members to get onboard a huge cruise ship - this time in the Port of Aarhus on the brand new “Holland America Nieuw Statendam” cruise ship, released from Fincantieri in December 2018.

After a warm welcome by Captain Noel O’Driscoll, the scene was sat to get into the important environmental practices of a cruise ship presented by Environmental Officer Diana Mihalache. It is not only emissions and compliance with the SECA and Global Sulphur Cap, she takes care of, but also garbage sorting and recycling of the huge food waste from the guests. And the procedures are of course different from one country/area to another!

After the insight in the very complex environmental issues for a ship the size of a small city (2.666 passengers + the crew), we were invited on a tour “From the Engine to the Bridge”.

3rd Officer Francis Stoppard took us around in the engine and control room, where we saw the running engine, fuel separators and the AAQS (Advanced Air Quality System) - an open loop exhaust gas cleaning system using sea water to reduce the amount of Sulphur being released into the atmosphere. The ship has four MaK main engines, where the AAQS are installed on two of them.
A very interesting detail was, that the ship had shore connection installed - but it had only been in use one single time in Kristianssand and the ship has been sailing since December 2018.

3rd officer James took us to the highly modern Bridge. Amazing! No paper around! Everything is available electronically - even the checklists ;-)

Read more about the 297 meter long Nieuw Statendam, carrying 2.666 passengers here

It was a great and very insightful day, and on top of the knowledge we gained, important connections were made between the Officers and MDC members. We had participants from OSK-ShipTech, Aarhus Maskinmesterskole, Royal Arctic Line, Peter Madsen Rederi, Port of Aarhus, Esvagt, Danish Export-Cruise & Ferry and SDK Cruise, who was our co-organizers.

Check out the cool pictures below