Partner group/Consortium

The group consists of the partners in the project and has the financial and legal responsibility for the project. The partners will meet at a regularly basis through out the entire project period. The partners will be involved in all key decisions which affect the completion and the structure of the project, and will receive notice, information and feedback from the secretariat/project manager regarding progress of the project. As a minimum, the project manager will report to the project team at every scheduled meeting. The chair of the consortium will be appointed by MDC.

 In combination, the partners of the project posses’ enormous expertise and an extensive network which will help increase the competitive edge of the maritime  cluster. They represent all the vital interests needed to realize the goals of the project, as they include members from all major stakeholders: knowledge institutions, authorities (infrastructure-owners) as well as businesses and cluster organizations.

The Consortium consists of:

Information about the project board

The project board consists of the partners in the project and carries the the financial and legal responsibilities of the project. The project board will meet, as a minimum, every half year throughout the project period. The project coordinator will report regularly, as a minimum at every project group meeting, to the project board in regards to the status of the project and will involve the project board in all key decisions that will affect the completion and structure of the project.

The chairman of the project board will be appointed by the MDC.