SME Knowledge Initiatives

Why should your company focus on collaboration with students and universities?

Growth and productivity in a company is documented to be increased by cooperation with a university or an approved technological institution (GTS) on research and development. Also employees with a further education will contribute to the company’s growth (Business Research, Development and Innovation in Denmark - policies and effects, 2011)

But especially for small and medium sized companies (SMEs) it can be a challenge to hire maybe the first person with a higher education in the company or to engage in cooperation with researchers or students.

There are, however, a number of information sites and possibilities for financial support for SMEs who are thinking along these lines. In the Danish Maritime Cluster project we would like to inform Danish maritime companies about the different support schemes and matchmaking initiatives available. Below you will find a list of these. The project secretariat can also be of assistance to maritime companies with contacts to relevant universities and educational institutions. You are very welcome to contact us.

Aarhus University

At Aarhus University 43,000 students are enrolled on more than 200 degree programmes. AU Career brings students, researchers and companies together – for example in job match events, mentorships and through career counselling. The main focus is to ensure the strong connection between the competencies of the candidates and the challenges facing society and also to guide students in the transition to life after studying.   


DJØFs members are students or graduates from the fields of law, economics, and social sciences in general. The organization has more than 80.000 members and provides access to highly skilled labour through it's job bank.

Innovation Assistant

The Innovation Assistant programme is a possibility for small and medium-sized companies to hire a highly educated person. The company must have between 2 and 100 employees in order to receive subsidy to employ the highly educated person - an Innovation Assistant.

Maritime and Polytechnic Education Center

MARTEC in Frederikshavn offers the opportunity for students to achieve the professional degree of Bachelor of Technology Management and Marine Engineering. The program is focused on bringing together theoretical and practical concepts to achieve excellent graduates. The final part of the program consists of a bachelor’s thesis.

Aarhus School of Technical and Mechanical Engineering

AAMS offers the 3-year Marine and Technical Engineer professional bachelor’s program. Graduates of the program will assume responsibility for the operation and maintenance of technical facilities and installations. During the last year of the program students are encouraged to collaborate with businesses to provide new approaches to complex problems.

The Copenhagen School of Marine Engineering and Technology Management

Denmark’s oldest marine engineering school constists ot of approximately 500 students and 40 employees. The school offers the professional bachelor’s programme in Marine Engineering and Technology Management Programme, which prepares students for a leadership role within maintenance and operation of technical facilities. As part of the programme students can collaborate with businesses to complete their bachelor’s thesis

Svendborg International Maritime Academy

SIMAC is located in Svendborg on southern Funen. The school offers three educational programs to educate ship’s officers, shipmasters, and marine engineers. The programs include the requirement of completing a bachelor’s thesis based on a real-world data. The thesis is often used as an opportunity to collaborate with businesses to solve specific problems by offering new insights.

Copenhagen Business School

Located in at Frederiksberg in Copenhagen, CBS is home to almost 20.000 students within a diverse portfolio of programs within the fields of business research. The university offers both bachelor and master programs at an internationally recognized level. Collaboration with students can offer a structured approach to a specific business problem through in-depth analysis and reflection.

Roskilde University

The basic educational principles at Roskilde University are problem-oriented project work, participant direction and joint responsibility. From enrolment to graduation, students are trained to assess the importance of academic problems and the relevance of selected theories and methods on a scientific basis. Project work is participant-directed and builds on the importance of student commitment and joint responsibility. 

Technical University of Denmark

DTU is Denmark’s largest Technical University with almost 8.000 students spread across 19 departments. Students at the university can provide highly specialized technical knowledge to solve complex problems in businesses. Different types of collaboration are available depending on commitment and length of the project period.