The Maritime Event Calendar

The maritime industry constantly offers lots of maritime events. However, the many employees and students in the Blue Denmark do not have an easy accessible and proper overview of these events.

The aim of the 'Maritime Event Calendar' is to provide an overview of maritime events in Denmark and major maritime events abroad.This will both increase the possibility of a good overview while reducing the risk of two events being conducted at the same time. The calendar will be updated once a week, which will ensure that it will constantly show all events taking place in the industry.

A proper overview should make it easier for people to find an event that meets their needs. It is therefore expected that this initiative will increase the number of participants in maritime events. In addition to increasing the number of participants, it will also be easier for people to seek events that can cover their need for new knowledge that can be used in their workplace.

Thus, those who wish to host events can see an increase in the number of participants, as well as employees in the maritime industry will be more likely to increase their professional knowledge.

The project is funded by 'The Danish Maritime Fund'


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