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SMi Group is proud to announce the 4th annual Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance Technology conference will be held in Rome from the 6th – 7th February 2019 in Rome

Reconnaissance and Surveillance are key  to developing clear and accurate maritime situational awareness. In order to maximise their ISR range, Navies and Maritime agencies around the globe are looking beyond the atmosphere to provide new and advanced surveillance capabilities. Space-based surveillance systems are providing users with up-to-date information from both a signal tracking and data imagery point of view, allowing for the monitoring of shipping routes, fishing grounds, environmental issues and illegal activities. However, not all nations can afford to launch and run dedicated surveillance satellite systems and focus on conventional platforms to fulfil their maritime ISR requirements. Therefore, an international approach is needed to allow Maritime authorities and Navies to monitor the world’s oceans and share relevant up-to-date information correctly.

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Later Event: February 7
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