Why should you become a member?

Get in touch with a broad spectre of the maritime industry
There are abundant possibilities to create new business to business contacts at MDC's events with MDCs approximately 170 members. Our members cover all aspects of the maritime industry and are located all over Denmark. Our members are equipment manufacturers, shipping companies, educational institutions, ports, authorities etc. Check out our members here.

Together with your colleagues, you all have the possibility to network with people from all over the maritime business at our events and network meetings.

Join our events
Take part in our many maritime events, conferences, seminars, workshops, B2B meetings and social events.

As a member you and all your colleagues obtain access to a broad variety of events - most of them are free of charge. We arrange 30 - 40 events every year, which are planned in close corporation with our steering committees - find them here.

Join a Project
MDC participates in a number of regional, national, and international projects, focused on creating new opportunities and business adventures for our members. A unique possibility to test a specific idea, collaborate across the maritime sector and get access to new knowledge from research and educational institutions - increasing the knowledge level in the maritime sector. Read more about our projects here.

Being a member of MDC you pay an annual fee depending on the size of your company. Remember that all your employees can participate in our events for free.

The price for a membership for the running month + one year are (all membership fees are excl. VAT):

  • One-person companies/consultants and start-ups, DKK 2.700 / year (start-ups up to 2 years old)

  • Companies with up to and including 5 employees, DKK 5.000 / year

  • Companies with 6 to and including 50 employees, DKK 12.500 / year

  • Companies with 51 employees and above, DKK 17.500 / year

  • Education and research with project participation and access for employees and students), DKK 15.000 / year

  • Education and research without project participation and access for employees only, DKK 5.000 / year

We look forward to seeing you at one of our many events or meetings.