Maritime International Network Forum

The 'International Network Forum' for Blue Denmark is a network group of international maritime employees. The objective is to make a strong network & share experience, engaging internationals and creating awareness in order to make Blue Denmark an attractive destination for international maritime employees. The participants of this will have an opportunity to meet, connect and exchange information.

The 'Maritime International Network Forum' can provide a possible start to life in Copenhagen for:

  • International maritime employees
  • International people or spouses considering Denmark for their career development
  • It can also benefit HR people of the maritime organization as this forum can be an active tool to retain international employees, handling multicultural teams sensitively.

... and most of all, you want to meet others who understand your situation, who share your interests and hobbies, and also the professional network.

Apart from IT, Pharma and energy the maritime transport has been a vital source of income in Denmark. Denmark is a global maritime industry leader with long-standing shipping activities and advanced technologies. This encourages international employees to consider Denmark for their career growth but there are challenges combined with these opportunities such as:

  •  Integrating at work and into life outside of work,
  •  Find place to live, school for kids and spouse job
  •  Hierarchy - Communication barrier
  •  Retaining employees
  •  Administrative burden for non EU citizen
  •  The local language and
  •  The culture

Stay informed and get at great opportunity to connect with others in the 'International Network Forum' by joining our LinkedIn group.

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