Maritime ICT & Digitalisation Forum

New information and communication technologies are changing the nature of the shipping industry. Developments in areas such as communication systems and IT platforms for ships, industrial controllers and sensors, as well as big data and the development of the Maritime Cloud are taking place at an ever increasing speed. The technologies can provide cost reductions and optimisations as well as business opportunities based on new ways of interacting with costumers, business partners and authorities.

On the other hand they also create threats from new companies as well as cyber risks. The topic of the “Maritime ICT & Digitalisation Forum” focuses on both technical and business implications from the new technologies on the shipping industry. The goal is to share knowledge on how to gain competitive edge, ways to obtain tangible savings and efficiencies and mitigate risks.

Topics of the 2017 season of Maritime ICT & Digitalisation:

  • Digitalization, disruptive change and future in the maritime industry (31. January)
  • Sci-Fi Gadgets (12. June)
  • Cyber Security (21. September)
  • Collaboration Tools and E-mails: How can we handle the vast amount of e-mails that the employees in the shipping industry receive and reduce the workload?
  • Big Data in the maritime sector
  • Maritime Cloud (Spring 2018)
  • "Hacker workshop" (January 2018)

We are looking forward to presenting you with a long list of exciting speakers, valuable insight, and inspiration in order to make ICT and digitalisation of shipping contribute to the bottom line.

In collaboration with the Steering Committee, MDC will arrange approx. 4 meetings per year conducted in English. 

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