Exploring maritime use cases for Virtual Reality technology  


Prototype development of applications for Virtual Reality based on Mixed Reality and the Microsoft HoleLens within the maritime industry. 

Based on funding from the Danish Maritime Fund the Danish Virtual Reality development house Virsabi and MDC is developing use cases and prototypes for the application of Virtual Reality onboard vessels as aid in engine room supervision, overhaul of equipment, familiarization and step by step manuals within a HUD interface.


After carefully researching the technology we matched it up with a forthcoming smaller public maritime awareness event. Together with Danske Færger A/S we made a pilot production of a 4 minute 360° Virtual Reality video which gave the audience an opportunity to get a better understanding of the inner workings of a modern passenger ferry. Also, using our gained experience with Virtual Reality production we developed 360° videos to attract students to vocational training as part of deliverables attached to our project Fremtidens Maritime Håndværker. While doing 360° productions, we also showed off our efforts at our member events and the major Danish maritime Danish Maritime Fair. We hosted hands-on and mini- workshops with VR industry professionals and utilized visual recording to capture the input.

Our efforts with Virtual Reality and especially in-house production of 360° content have given us an informed understanding of the benefits and pain points in the current state of Virtual Reality technology and we are building on that understanding to bring Virtual Reality to our members.

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